New Hampshire Rebellion Logo: graphic of the shape of the state of New Hampshire made out of red, white, and blue, and with the text "Join the Rebellion"

NH Rebellion VR Walk Real Time

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NH Rebellion VR: New Hampshire Rebellion Logo: graphic of the shape of the state of New Hampshire made out of red, white, and blue, and with the text "Join the Rebellion"

Welcome to the NH Rebellion VR Real Time Home Page! Today, Wed 14 Jan ’15, Merriam Galaxy, Isabella Medici, Vanessa Blaylock & Friends are virtually joining the New Hampshire Rebellion walkers.

NH Rebellion VR Real Time #

Below you’ll find real time Video, Images, Data & Text during the walk today:

  • RT AVtrak Distance Walked
  • RT Twitter stream for #NHR & #NHRvr
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NH Rebellion RL Walk #

The agenda for the RL New Hampshire Rebellion walkers today is:

Total Daily Mileage: 10.8 miles
Estimated Walk Time: 5 hrs
Starting Point: Gorham United Church of Christ, 143 Main Street, Gorham
Route: South on Rte 16
End Point & Tonight’s Lodging: Joe Dodge Lodge, Pinkham Notch
• 7:30 AM: BREAKFAST at Welsh’s Restaurant (88 Main Street)
• 9:30 AM: DEPART/WALK from Welsh’s Restaurant
• LUNCH: On the road and in vehicles
• 3:00 PM: ARRIVE and settle in at Joe Dodge Lodge
• 6:00 PM: DINNER Family style dinner in dining room
• 8:30 PM: MEET for Debrief and check-in

NH Rebellion VR Walk #

The 3 of us will be walking the same distance at the same time and at the same speed (about 2mph) Other avatars will join in for a part of the walk:

• San Francisco Time: 6:30am – Noon
• New Hampshire Time: 9:30am – 3pm
• London Time: 2:30pm – 8pm
• Hong Kong Time: 10:30pm – 4am Thursday

Live Video #

Watch live video from vaneeesab on

AVtrak RT Mileage #

Merriam Galaxy18.611.56
Scarlett Luv17.811.08
PhillysMaybe Resident17.6710.98
MediciPrincess Resident17.610.95
Vaneeesa Blaylock17.5310.9
Trilby3D Resident10.536.55
Mudslinger Ning5.793.6
rmarie Beedit4.412.75
Hac Writer4.242.65
Kikas Babenco2.121.33
Calliope Lexington1.370.86
Ti Mosienko0.990.62
Ulrico Hax0.560.36
W0lfDragon Resident0.380.24
VitannyVamp Resident0.190.13
crazyiscrazy Resident0.130.09
Alicia Forsythe0.10.07
Peli Dieterle0.050.03
Annomis DeVaux0.040.03
Trent Resident0.030.02
edincho Resident0.020.02
Neeva Torok0.020.01
Veyot Resident0.020.01
iCeTKiTtY Resident0.010.01
Temi Sirbu0.010.01
JJValero Writer0.010.01
Dream Delvalle0.010.01
Laserskater Resident0.010.01
jezzebellelovely Resident0.010.01
bearrabutt Resident0.010.01

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NH Rebellion VR 2015 Walk #

NH Rebellion VR 2014 Walk #

Thank you for joining us!

We are humbled by the RL walkers and their dedication on the frozen roads of New Hampshire. We’re pleased to offer this small token of support for their walk for truly representative democracy.

“Warm” Regards,

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I was the Choreographer at Vanessa Blaylock Dancers and the Artistic Director at Vanessa Blaylock Company. Today my work focuses on Public Art projects. I’m interested in the mediation of perception and mixed reality performance works. I’m passionate about community and civil rights in cyberspace.