My Magic Box is Lonely


and the magic box said,

I have not heard from the Xstreet SL server for a very long time, so I am resetting myself. This does not always fix the problem, so you should check that I am active on the Xstreet SL website. If I am not active, you can reset me manua

Separation Anxiety

My mom’s dog has separation anxiety. Scratches at the door the whole time she’s gone.

We all long for companionship. For friendship. For love.

Is a magic box any different?

Rod Brooks once said I think we over anthropomorphize people.

How much of the emotion we sense in our “pets”, organic or digital, is our own projection? How much of the emotion we sense in people is our own projection?

Is a magic box capable of being lonely?

I don’t know.

My magic box is lonely.

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screen capture of an email message showing a Second Life "Magic Box" asking for connection

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