H is for “Hair”

Avatar Life in the 26 letters of the Alphabet
First 26 days of April 2014

H is for “Hair”

Makeup by Eloh Eliot

Hair by Carina Larsen
Hair by Sunday Lemon
Hair by Ruth Quan
Hair by Mirja Mills
Hair by Sachi Vixen

Soundtrack: Bob Your Head (Like Louise Brooks) by Javolenus

Venue: Beachwood Club
Animation: Beauvoir Rousselot
Wardrobe: Cocoro Lemon

Avatar Alphabet: H is for Hair: selenium toned print of Vanessa Blaylock dancing at The Beachwood Club


    1. Shhhhhh!

      OMG! Some people just suck at keeping a secret!!!

      Yessy… all true… the 2003 “System Hair” on our avatars is so ugly that everyone just shaves it off. We’ve become a race of bald avatars in fabulous wigs! 😛

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