Fiona Blaylock: Trailer Trash

Selenium toned photo of Fiona Blaylock and Vanessa Blaylock arguing. Fiona points an accusing finger at Vanessa.
My sister, Fiona Blaylock, accusing me of stealing her boyfriend Rodney back in 6th grade.

I didn’t see my sister Fiona a single day in 2014. But with the promise of free prims to rez her Airstream luxury recreational vehicle (aka “mobile home”) by enrolling as a student at Medici University, her head finally popped up on Sunday, as predictably as Punxsutawney Phil.

Selenium toned photo of Fiona Blaylock and Vanessa Blaylock arguing. Vanessa slaps Fiona's face with an open palm and Fiona's head recoils to the side in an angry grimace as her hair flies to the side.
Me, thanking Fiona for bailing out of our NYC apartment without paying the rent and leaving me with the bill.

Fiona Blaylock

I’m happy to report that sisterly love knows no bounds! We were able to take up right where we left off on 12 June 2013, the last time I saw her. We argued about who ma loved best (technically, who ma hated most.) Who stole who’s lameass boyfriend. Who bailed out of our NYC apartment without paying the rent. Who ditched the other right when things heated up at Blaylock’s Palmistry in Port-au-Prince. And so many other lingering questions and great moments of family affection.

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It’s all about family!

What about you? Who are your favorite relatives? How do you like to spend time together?

Vanessa Blaylock's signature

Extreme closeup of Vanessa Blaylock in an angry expression as she yells at her sister Fiona Blaylock
I love my sister!


    1. You got a gravatar! 😀

      Anyway, don’t worry about it RM, she likes it.

      I remember once back at ma’s place when there’d been a lot of family stress, Fiona and I were playing a game of pool to try to let things chill a bit. It wasn’t working. We just kept talking about it and making it worse.

      Suddenly I turned around to see that Fiona was about to crack me over the head with her pool cue! I instinctively reached up and grabbed the stick – but I didn’t try to take it away from her, instead we both held onto it strongly, giving our weight and tension into the cue. We moved together in a very direct, and bound kind of way. It was powerful. Durational. We moved together in silence. After about 5 minutes of this “dancing”, Fiona dropped the cue, said, “thanks sis, that really helped,” and left the room.

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