Diptych Challenge


Diptych is a fancy word for a simple idea: 2 pictures next to each other. You’ll find Diptychs and Triptychs throughout history. In Altar Pieces for example. Putting 2 pictures next to each other is a simple thing. But also a powerful thing. Whenever you juxtapose images they say something different than either image alone. A with B is speaks differently than just A, or just B, or even than A over here and B over there. If you turn the pages of a magazine, you get the intended ideas. But if you hold a page up to the light, to juxtapose, and superimpose, the image on the front side and the image on the backside, you say something different. You recontextualize both images. If you tear a page out of Vogue, and another out of The Guardian, and juxtapose them, they speak in a different way. In a new language.

Diptych Challenge

In the Diptych Challenge you should take an Avatar Selfie. Then juxtapose it with an RL image. It could be an RL image that you create yourself, or just one that you find online. Maybe a Flickr Creative Commons image search, maybe a Google Image search. It’s a world wide web of images! Find one that makes a compelling diptych.


Make your image any size / shape you like. Make it an image on your blog. Create something in-world with it if you like. Personally I like WQHD (Wide Quad HD) images these days, they’re 2560 x 1440, so I’d make each part of my diptych 1280×1440 and then put them together for 2560×1440. You can do the same if you like. But the 2 images don’t have to be the same size, you could vary proportions or anything else you like.


Post to your blog, your Flickr, or your whatever else you like. And add a link in the comments here so we can all share. I’ll do a post or create a directory so we can all see the collection. Here’s a few more:

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diptych of Vanessa Blaylock and a sea anemone