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Coming Soon: Avatar Editions!

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Fine art print of a woman in a white dress riding a white horse

Fine prints from creative avatars. Every print is inspected and approved before we ship to you. Starting or adding to your avatar print collection? Let Avatar Editions be your guide to collecting. We appreciate your trust. Every print offered is inspected, and personally approved by Vanessa Blaylock, director of Avatar Editions, a specialist in important classic and contemporary avatar works of art.

Weekly Avatar Prints: Each week we will offer select prints by avatars from Second Life and other quality worlds. Prints will be from a wide variety of styles and formats, well-known avatars and lesser-known. Condition is excellent unless otherwise noted. Vintage prints assume normal wear and tear. We are always looking for interesting and iconic avatar work to present to our collectors.

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About Vanessa Blaylock

I was the Choreographer at Vanessa Blaylock Dancers and the Artistic Director at Vanessa Blaylock Company. Today my work focuses on Public Art projects. I’m interested in the mediation of perception and mixed reality performance works. I’m passionate about community and civil rights in cyberspace.