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The Quantified Avatar

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Vaneeesa Blaylock57.5535.77
MediciPrincess Resident14.458.99
msbluerasp Resident8.855.5
PhillysMaybe Resident7.524.69
Trilby3D Resident6.474.04
Neeva Torok5.773.59
Ti Mosienko5.113.19
rmarie Beedit4.682.94
BluTardis Resident4.532.85
Muse4u Resident4.232.63
Meccoz Resident4.092.57
Claire Namiboo3.662.3
clocee Resident2.421.53
Otcoc Resident2.341.46
Trilby Minotaur1.971.24
FannyVermont Resident1.360.85
GerardDutchman Resident1.280.8
Agnes Sharple10.62
Myra Wildmist0.930.59
Wilmer Nirvana0.840.54
Paypabak Writer0.80.52
Raindropkizzez Milena0.730.47
Veyot Resident0.70.44
Woolffie Mexicola0.580.39
Skye Fairywren0.550.36
Jaiyung Resident0.510.32
Kandinsky Beaumont0.490.33
Xeek Resident0.430.28
Motorato Ware0.390.26
Skip Swansen0.350.22
Adriana Princess0.290.19
Bouvet Resident0.280.17
iCeTKiTtY Resident0.280.2
Laserskater Resident0.260.17
Montoute1 Resident0.260.19
Cartion Barbosa0.260.17
bizzarro Resident0.260.17
nutron Ornitz0.250.19
ChrysTeRox Resident0.220.15
Valerix Rhapsody0.190.12
LaneyNicoleXOXO Resident0.190.13
Kalkioma Elan0.140.11
Melodie Nikolaidis0.140.11
katialbornoz Resident0.140.09
slage14 Resident0.140.09
SUPRAUX Resident0.140.11
FreeWee Ling0.130.09
annathora Resident0.130.09
Sinful Xubersnak0.130.1
tralee Neox0.120.1
Mireille Jenvieve0.110.07
AllanPoee Resident0.10.07
Solkide Auer0.10.07
Heveas Resident0.10.07
Silk Bamboo0.10.06
Meryl McDowwll0.090.06
Gulm Rahja0.090.05
TrilbyMinotaur2 Resident0.080.05
DimmeDemon Resident0.080.05
Rosie Gray0.080.05
secondeslive Resident0.080.07
iluvme1 Resident0.070.04
mara Charisma0.070.05
brillantecometa Resident0.070.04
KeaneAddison Resident0.070.05
Spurius Savira0.060.04
SweetSultry Resident0.060.04
shilo3 Resident0.060.04
JJValero Writer0.060.04
jezzebellelovely Resident0.060.04
Trishatar Resident0.050.03
kaoruco Resident0.050.03
Sun Mellison0.050.04
LiLyNa1 Resident0.040.03
Wendz Tempest0.040.03
SaveMe Oh0.040.03
DakaWlms2500 Resident0.030.02
Zsophia Innovia0.030.02
Yany Oh0.030.02
misio2 Resident0.030.02
billabong Blogfan0.030.02
azer68 Resident0.030.02
chuchumary Resident0.030.02
Stile Resident0.030.02
NiklasKefir Resident0.030.03
ja Philly0.030.02
Dividni Shostakovich0.030.02
OmegaRevolution3 Resident0.030.02
Brixton Parx0.020.01
Dream Delvalle0.020.02
Mimo Vacano0.020.01
NaTaS Janus0.020.01
TimothySKing Resident0.020.01
Emjay Baxton0.020.01
ale2D Resident0.020.01
MammieDow Resident0.020.01
FeelsEmpty Resident0.020.01
jamieuniverse Resident0.020.01
Sophia20002 Resident0.020.01
bearrabutt Resident0.020.01
eljonyman Resident0.010.01
Temi Sirbu0.010.01
Bobolon Resident0.010.01
Annomis DeVaux0.010
Marceli81 Resident0.010
Chiara Fray0.010

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Your own AVtrak

Want your very own AVtrak? For free! You can pick up the Treadmill at SL Marketplace and the 2 scripts (1 LSL script for your in-world AVtrak treadmill, and 1 PHP script for your WordPress plugin) at Mizz Hax.rocks

Treadmill Scripts

AVtrak Avatar Treadmill Demo from Vanessa Blaylock on Vimeo.

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