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Your own AVtrak

Want your very own AVtrak? For free! You can pick up the Treadmill at SL Marketplace and the 2 scripts (1 LSL script for your in-world AVtrak treadmill, and 1 PHP script for your WordPress plugin) at Mizz Hax.rocks

Treadmill Scripts

AVtrak Avatar Treadmill Demo from Vanessa Blaylock on Vimeo.

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  1. Mizz Hax Rocks: Soto Hax creates an LSL-WP plugin! - 05/12/2014

    […] Thanks to Soto Hax’s cool scripts, when we again join Lawrence Lessig & The New Hampshire Rebellion in their January 2015 walk, our new AVtrak Treadmills will track our walking and send all of our walking to a leaderboard on this website! […]

  2. Dear Xanni (NH Virtual Rebellion) - Vanessa Blaylock - 12/01/2015

    […] still be pitching people to use RL treadmill desks at the same time. We’ve also created AVtrak, a sort of Fitbit for avatars, so those avatars who walk all or part of the 12.5 miles with us can […]

  3. Going with the flow (and other metaphors) at MU/Creativity | MU/Creativity - 19/02/2015

    […] take a walk, whether it’s in your shoes or a mile in someone elses, and when you see something that grabs […]

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